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Re: libgparted bug.

On Saturday 10 February 2018 15:12:21 Thomas Schmitt wrote:

> Hi,
> i proposed (poking with a long stick in the fog):
> > >   dd if=/dev/sdd bs=512 skip=16500703 count=66 \
> > >      of=rock-img-shrunk.img seek=16500703
> Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Which was an instant return claiming 66 blocks had been copied.
> Yeah. Fast. But sufficient only if i did not miscalculate again.
> The full copy with 131072 chunks of 64 KiB from fully unmounted
> /dev/sdd* would be the safer variant.
> > gdisk is still fussing.
> > gene@coyote:~/rock64.imgs$ gdisk -l rock-img-shrunk.img
> >    7          262144        16500735   7.7 GiB     8300  root
> But at least we seem to have defaced the backup GPT which caused the
> gdisk refusal after gdisk itself wrote it to that place.
> The file size of rock-img-shrunk.img should now be 8,448,393,728
> bytes.
 8,448,393,728 IP added the comma's.>
> If so, then it should be safe to let gdisk fix the problems which it
> detected in the partition tables. But as said, this is of interest
> mainly on the final storage device, where the backup GPT is a good
> protection against mishaps by clumsy partition editors.
> > All three of these cards will boot the rock64, but two snags.
> > [...]
> > Oh, and 3. it did not autoresize part7 during the boot, so I am
> > assuming a need to touch a file to make that happen again.
> Should the booted system do that ?

It does so on the initial boot.
> Did i miss you mentioning this ?

Maybe, and maybe I didn't mention it prior to this. Can I blame it on 
oldtimers? :(

> Googling "rock64": The power of a 10 year old workstation in the size
> of a credit card. Zero noise, i hope.

It has a small sink that runs hot. No fan on it ATM. So yes, dead silent. 
I'll probably do it like the pi it will replace, I have a video card fan 
on it, very quiet. Due to the almost vanishingly short cable from a 
teeny breakout board on the pi's 40 pin gpio, the pi is upside down and 
the cable with the spi bus to the Mesa 7i90HD interface card is only 
about 3/4" long. It is after all running at 42 megabits one way, and 25 
for the readback channel, 32 bit packets at a time.

> > Many Thanks, Thomas Schmitt.
> Give your wife a big hug from little Thomas from germany.

With only about 80 lbs of skin & bones left, COPD is taking her out 
eventually, the hugs are gentle and too far apart.

> Have a nice day :)
You too, and thanks.

> Thomas

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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