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Re: libgparted bug.

On Saturday 10 February 2018 11:57:38 David Wright wrote:

> On Sat 10 Feb 2018 at 09:10:40 (-0500), Gene Heskett wrote:
> > And despite my emasculation of udev, disabling sdd, according to the
> > syslog, usbmount is still auto mounting these cards, all 3 of them.
> > So if I plan on working with these images on this machine with
> > gparted, I imagine I had better find usbmount and remove its execute
> > bits. But first make my baby some breakfast.
>  Oh my, what did you expect?
For something as potentially obnoxious as that, an easily thrown switch 
to enable/disable it. It is NOT in /etc/init.d.

>  Package: usbmount
>  Description-en: automatically mount and unmount USB mass storage
> devices
>  This package automatically mounts USB mass storage devices (typically
>  USB pens) when they are plugged in, and unmounts them when they are
>  removed. The mountpoints (/media/usb[0-7] by default), filesystem
>  types to consider, and mount options are configurable. When multiple
>  devices are plugged in, the first available mountpoint is
>  automatically selected. If the device provides a model name, a
>  symbolic link /var/run/usbmount/MODELNAME pointing to the mountpoint
>  is automatically created.
> Cheers,
> David.

No such critter on this wheezy box.

Now I am puzzled. This  machine just did an unrequested reboot. I have 
gkrellm watching things and I don't see a thing out of line. Temps are 
all 40C or below, voltages are nominal + maybe 5%, stable as always. I 
had to kill several copies of kmail before I found them all, then 
restarted bin/mailwatcher, and it restarted kmail at exactly where it 
was shut down.  One of those things that make you go hummmmm.

Twasn't a power bump, there was no blink to the overhead lights, and 
there is a ups that will run it right past a failure long enough to 
start the 20kw standby. So I have not a clue.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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