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Re: libgparted bug.

On Sat 10 Feb 2018 at 09:10:40 (-0500), Gene Heskett wrote:

> And despite my emasculation of udev, disabling sdd, according to the 
> syslog, usbmount is still auto mounting these cards, all 3 of them. So 
> if I plan on working with these images on this machine with gparted, I 
> imagine I had better find usbmount and remove its execute bits. But 
> first make my baby some breakfast.

 Oh my, what did you expect?

 Package: usbmount

 Description-en: automatically mount and unmount USB mass storage devices

 This package automatically mounts USB mass storage devices (typically
 USB pens) when they are plugged in, and unmounts them when they are
 removed. The mountpoints (/media/usb[0-7] by default), filesystem
 types to consider, and mount options are configurable. When multiple
 devices are plugged in, the first available mountpoint is
 automatically selected. If the device provides a model name, a
 symbolic link /var/run/usbmount/MODELNAME pointing to the mountpoint
 is automatically created.