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Re: Problems in debian-9.3.0-amd64-DVD-2.iso and debian-9.3.0-amd64-DVD-3.iso


Serge LAOT wrote:
> ./pool/main/m/mono/libmono-compilerservices-symbolwriter4.0-cil_4.6.2.7+dfsg-1_all.deb
> ./pool/main/m/mono/libmono-compilerservices-symbolwriter4.0-cil_4.6.2.7+dfsg-1_a.deb

The names you see on DVD are truncated to 65 characters, while retaining
the .deb suffixes. You are probably looking at the Joliet tree, not the
ISO 9660 + Rock Ridge tree which GNU/Linux mounts by default.

Mounting Joliet would match the default behavior of operating system which
your mail client is running on:
> User-Agent: ... Windows NT 10.0 ...

Cc'ing debian-cd:

Interestingly, debian-9.3.0-amd64-netinst.iso was made with xorrisofs
option -joliet-long. which would enable longer Joliet names.
But production of debian-9.3.0-amd64-DVD-2.iso did not use it.


If i download
and mount it without disabling Rock Ridge, i see the longer name


If i mount the Joliet tree by "-o norock", i see the truncated name


This truncation is caused by xorrisofs option -J without a specs relaxation
option like -joliet-long.
The truncated length of 65 is correct, because Joliet prescribes 128 bytes
which suffices for 64 UTF-16 characters. The dot iin the name does not
count for that limit.

Looking at the files .disk/mkisofs of debian-9.3.0-amd64-DVD-2.iso and
debian-9.3.0-amd64-netinst.iso reveils that netinst had -joliet-long
whereas DVD-2 had not.

Have a nice day :)