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Re: Debian buster & gnucash

On Thu 08 Feb 2018 at 12:25:54 -0500, Donald F. Emery wrote:

> I am new to debian and was hoping someone could tell me why GNUCASH was
> not in debian testing.

I am a member of the Debian Angling Association. We teach people how
to fish.

The Debian Packages link on the home page lets you search for the
fishing gear we have on offer. On the right of the package's page the
Developer Information link should bring you up-to-date on whether a
particular rod or line is in stock.

BTW, our Debian beginner's ocean fishing trips take place on our good
ship Stable. Everything is covered for a client taking this package;
little change to the itinerary, smooth seas guaranteed, the ship won't
sink on the odd occasion. A little boring - but the fishing is superb.

Its sister ship, Testing, is in not so good a shape. It will get to be
safe and sound in a year or so. We'll take your money for travelling on
it now but we can guarantee nothing, even though many customers have
complimented us on its sea-worthiness.

Living dangerously types tell us the newest of our fleet, Unstable, is
one hell of a ride. Who are we to argue? They've paid good money for the
our most modern of our offerings. The fact that some of our senior
exectives won't step on board it even when it is in dry dock shouldn't
put you off.

Whatever you do, please read our brochures; we stand by their accuracy
and will accept and respond to complaints if you are dissatisfied with
our service.