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Re: Paste text from terminal to xemacs

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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2018 15:56:23 -0500
From: songbird <songbird@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Victor Munoz wrote:

>  Hello.
> I'm using XEmacs 21.4.24 and gnome-terminal 3.26.2 in sid. And I can't copy
> a text from the terminal and paste it into XEmacs. I have tried marking the
> text and then middle button; Shift-Ctrl-C and then right-button to get the
> 'paste' option; and some other combinations of these. Nothing works.
> Any ideas I should try?


It does help! Didn't know that. Combining it with inserting shell command ouput ('xclip -o" in this case) in xemacs, does exactly what I need. Thanks for the workaround!