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Re: stretch and DNS name resolution service for other devices on a LAN

I didn't read all the answers (only half of those). But I have the same 
problem and I now think it has nothing to do with named, bind (4 8 or 9). 
During Stretch installation with netinst, Network-manager configured once for 
all /etc/hostname and /etc/resolv.conf. As I have only one routable address, 
it is the only one remembered, and the DHCP server used during install is the 
only one kept in /etc/resolv.conf ' (a soft link rewrited each time you 
destroy and edit it). Now I got rid of Network-manager and with my own named 
config and /etc/resolv.conf I have full access to resolving.  I still have 
problems with NAT on my home network with iptables config. I tam aboutto go 
back to Jessie, to when everything was OK :-). Sorry for my English