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I'm using XEmacs 21.4.24 and gnome-terminal 3.26.2 in sid. And I can't copy a text from the terminal and paste it into XEmacs. I have tried marking the text and then middle button; Shift-Ctrl-C and then right-button to get the 'paste' option; and some other combinations of these. Nothing works.

However, I seem to be able to copy in all directions using other applications. From the terminal to Emacs, to firefox, etc. And from xemacs to everyone else, including the terminal!

Depending on how I try to copy and then paste, I get messages from xemacs such as "timed out waiting for reply from selection owner", "received the wrong selection type in SelectionNotify", or simply "Mark set", and then nothing happens. Via Google I found this site: http://archive.oreilly.com/pub/post/quick_tip_for_linux_users_havi.html, where some configuration for emacs is suggested, but did not work for me.

Any ideas I should try?