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Re: Ethernet is not started at boot

On 07/02/18 23:58, Erik Christiansen wrote:
> On 07.02.18 09:33, Michelle Konzack wrote:
>> Good morning,
>> Am 2018-02-07 hackte Gene Heskett in die Tasten:
>>> On Tuesday 06 February 2018 14:07:55 Brian wrote:
>>>> 1. auto enp0s25
>>>>                                                  iface enp0s25 inet
>>>> static address
>>>>         netmask
>>>>         gateway
>>>>         network
>>>> netmask and network are not needed. ifupdown will compute them. Note
>>>> there are no examples in interfaces(5) which use these parameters.
>>> You should go and read that man page again.
>> Who do you mean?
>> I have als a network with
>> auto eth2
>> iface eth2 inet static
>>         address
>>         netmask
>>         gateway
>>         network
>> So, it is not so good idea to leafe it out
> Michelle, that netmask is 0b11111111111111111000000100000000 , which is
> the first I have ever seen with a hole in it. For 512 addresses, I'd
> have expected, which has contiguous bits:
> 0b11111111111111111111111000000000 (If 10 bits (1024 addresses) were the
> aim, then it would be 252, but never 127, if I have any kind of grip on
> this stuff.)
> Not trusting the software to handle an unusual netmask, I might have
> been tempted to just use a class B netmask, , but then I can
> be a Feigling in such matters.

Please don't use "class B" to mean /16. Firstly, it's decades out of
date, and secondly, that range was never in the class B section.

All it does is add confusion. Better never to refer to classes at all.


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