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Re: Ethernet is not started at boot

Hello Michell,
To try out, I just set up a new debian stretch on an VM (qemu/kvm):
I used the netinstall CD, because I didn't want to download full DVDs.

I had no problem configuring the network manually with ip-address and 
everything (only I didn't know exactly the addresses that are used by qemu, 
so in the end I had no connection and used the automatic setup, but the 
installer let me put in the values)
First I Installed only the base system.
Then installed the packages you mentioned (with APT::Install-Rcommends no; 
as thomas suggested).
I had everything done automatically. No problem.
The used disk-space is 1,4 GiB !

I know:
Grub instead of LILO and systemd instead of sys-v, if you relly do need 
these, I have no experience. You might try devuan.

Maybe there's a problem with your install medium or the repo on it.
Some time ago I had a directory as a local repository (only for self-built 
packages) to be used by apt, so I think this might ba a solution for your 
Problem with the usb-stick. I don't remeber exactly ho to configure this, 
but it wasn' too difficult (otherwise I wouldn' have done it).

Hope this can help you somehow.


P.S: We have been to Estonia two years ago and liked it very much! Our 
daughter was studying in Tartu. And it was summer.

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> The dependendies are only satisfait if you install a full DE like Gnome,
> KDE or  other defaults by Debian.
> If you install the bare minimum like
> Debian base
> xorg
> wdm
> fvwmg
> thumb
> blueman
> alsa
no package alsa, took alsa-tools
> mc
> you have a non-working system!
>>> 11 Packages are now working and I try to figure out, WHICH  depends  are
>>> missing to write the appropriated Bug Reports.