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Re: Ethernet is not started at boot

Am 2018-02-06 hackte tomas@xxxxxxxxxx in die Tasten:
> On Tue, Feb 06, 2018 at 05:54:08PM +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
>> Sorry, I ment dbus-x11

> Ah, ok. No, it's not installed on my machine (I managed to avoid
> dbus up to now). But since you are doing bluetooth stuff, you are
> going to need dbus. And dbus-x11 is just the infrastructure to
> get the dbus user session started at the X11 login (other DEs
> like Gnome and KDE have other methods). So yes, dbus-x11 does
> make sense for you.


> I *guess* you might get away without dbus-x11, but then you'd
> have to start your dbus user session yourself (and somehow pass
> the relevant tidbits to all relevant environments, so the
> applications can "find" the dbus session). But I'm far from an
> expert here, since I've been avoiding that for years ;-)

Hmmm, if I find the time, I will look into it.  Sounds interesting

>> Recommends are not Depends and blueman depends on dbus-x11
> Not directly, as far as I can see... perhaps indirectly. Perhaps
> "aptitude why" sheds some light on that.

>> > Shudder :-)
>> Such thing happen if someone is sitting the whole day in front of a
>> screen...  Hihihi!  Look for some puppies and o walking twice a day!
> I'm just an exported flowerpot from much farther south, and then,
> age brings the old cat in me which only
>> <https://www.miila-mahe-aed.eu/animals/dogs.html>
>> They where born on 2017-11-20 and need very much attention!
> Nice. The "heat wave of +5°C" sounds most attractive :-)

In some days will will have again this heatwave... around 0-3°C!
The whole snow will melt and transform again anything into mud!

>> append="net.ifnames=0"
>> However, I can not find in /proc or /sys the Kernel commandline.
>> In the older kernels the file was named "comandline" but it is
>> not more there.
> Oh, yes, it should be there: /proc/cmdline

Ah, that it was, and yes, the "append" stuff is not shown, because
I have setuop in Lilo three startup methods (runlevel 2, 3 and 4)
but it is not shown in /proc/cmdline.

I have only

    BOOT_IMAGE=Home ro root=802

So, there is something wrong with "append"

> Yes, you might want to fix that first before decorating your
> kernel command line further.
>> In case of problems with runlevel 2 I want to boot directly into
>> another one and also I have a runlevel which launch a very special
>> environment, which can not be done trough telinit and I do not want
>> to do this as root.
> I see.

SELinux disallow it

>> I have still my CDs from Hamm, and on a DVD I have Buzz Rex and Bo.
>> Long time ago!
> :)
>> True, but currently anything is working fine.
>> Hmmm, what is the lifetime of 3Com 100base-TX Network adapters?
> No idea. Perhaps hundred years?

I wonder since many years why they do not break.

Thanks in advance

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