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Re: Ethernet is not started at boot

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On Tue, Feb 06, 2018 at 05:54:08PM +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am DATE hackte AUTHOR in die Tasten: tomas@xxxxxxxxxx
> > On Tue, Feb 06, 2018 at 03:53:24PM +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> >> Do you have glib-x11 installed on your system?
> >
> > Hm. I don't find any library/package which has a similar name. I guess
> > you mean libglib, but I might guess wrong.
> Sorry, I ment dbus-x11


Ah, ok. No, it's not installed on my machine (I managed to avoid
dbus up to now). But since you are doing bluetooth stuff, you are
going to need dbus. And dbus-x11 is just the infrastructure to
get the dbus user session started at the X11 login (other DEs
like Gnome and KDE have other methods). So yes, dbus-x11 does
make sense for you.

> The question is only, which package must pull in dbus-x11?

I don't see the explicit dependency at the moment, but you
can ask with

  aptitude why dbus-x11

> I assume blueman, because bluez can be also used without blueman.

I don't think so: all of bluez is deeply dependent on dbus.

> >> But glib-x11 has nothing to du with Recommends, because it is essential
> >> for a working blueman..
> >
> > Hm. Sorry. I can't find that package.
> loock for dbus-x11

I *guess* you might get away without dbus-x11, but then you'd
have to start your dbus user session yourself (and somehow pass
the relevant tidbits to all relevant environments, so the
applications can "find" the dbus session). But I'm far from an
expert here, since I've been avoiding that for years ;-)

> >> > [fine tuning of your package system]
> >>
> >> "fine tuning" is good, if you even don't know, what is missing!
> >
> > Seems you had already got rid of Recommends...
> Recommends are not Depends and blueman depends on dbus-x11

Not directly, as far as I can see... perhaps indirectly. Perhaps
"aptitude why" sheds some light on that.


> > Shudder :-)
> Such thing happen if someone is sitting the whole day in front of a
> screen...  Hihihi!  Look for some puppies and o walking twice a day!

I'm just an exported flowerpot from much farther south, and then,
age brings the old cat in me which only

> <https://www.miila-mahe-aed.eu/animals/dogs.html>
> They where born on 2017-11-20 and need very much attention!

Nice. The "heat wave of +5°C" sounds most attractive :-)

> > I see. I haven't much experience there: I'll have to look that up.
> > Perhaps someone with more experience can chime in here.
> >> He sayed unknown device
> >
> > Yes. It seems that for some reason, the init script is trying
> > to bring up the device under its old name. So you might try to
> > boot once appending " net.ifnames=0" to your kernel command
> > line (I forgot how that is done with LILO, but I guess you know).
> append="net.ifnames=0"
> However, I can not find in /proc or /sys the Kernel commandline.
> In the older kernels the file was named "comandline" but it is
> not more there.

Oh, yes, it should be there: /proc/cmdline

> I was séarching for it, because I have to boot from LILO prompt in a
> non-default runlevel by using
> append="3"
> but it does not boot into runlevel 3.  It is always the default 2.
> I do not know, where the error is.

Yes, you might want to fix that first before decorating your
kernel command line further.

> In case of problems with runlevel 2 I want to boot directly into
> another one and also I have a runlevel which launch a very special
> environment, which can not be done trough telinit and I do not want
> to do this as root.

I see.


> I have still my CDs from Hamm, and on a DVD I have Buzz Rex and Bo.
> Long time ago!


> True, but currently anything is working fine.
> Hmmm, what is the lifetime of 3Com 100base-TX Network adapters?

No idea. Perhaps hundred years?

- -- tomás
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