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Re: Reply semantics (was Re: policy around 'wontfix' bug tag)

On 2018-02-06 08:49:01 -0500, The Wanderer wrote:
> On 2018-02-06 at 08:18, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> > On 2018-02-06 14:36:31 +1300, Richard Hector wrote:
> >> On 06/02/18 02:11, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> >> 
> >>> You should set up a "Mail-Followup-To:" for that. This is
> >>> entirely your problem.
> >> 
> >> I could do that, I'm sure (though I'm not sure how) - but I'd
> >> rather that someone intending to send me a private reply didn't
> >> send it to the list by mistake. Having to (in my case) click 'Reply
> >> to List' helps me not send to the list by mistake.
> > 
> > This is not contradictory with the setting of "Mail-Followup-To:".
> Arguably, if the mailing list does not default replies back to it
> normally, a responder who wishes to send a private reply may not be
> expecting that Reply will go to the mailing list, and so (when
> Mail-Followup-To is set to the list address) may fail to notice that
> adjusting the addressee list is needed.

If this is a private reply, the user should just use the "reply"
feature of his mailer. The reply will never go to the list. There
is no need to adjust anything.

> > But the other users cannot know what you want if you do not set 
> > "Mail-Followup-To:".
> They should not have to.
> They should be able to assume that you have taken all necessary actions
> to ensure that you see any replies you want to see.
> That could involve setting the header, or it could involve subscribing
> to the mailing list, or it could involve requesting explicitly (in the
> body of the mail or in your signature) to be CCed, or it could involve
> something else.

Users don't want to have to look at the signature. They don't want to
add addresses manually. If a user requests that he wants to be Cc'ed
and I notice it, then I will tend to do a group-reply instead of a
list-reply. This means that other users of the discussion will also be
Cc'ed, unless the Mail-Followup-To is set up correctly, in which case
everything is fine: the users who do not want to be Cc'ed won't be
Cc'ed; the other users will be Cc'ed. Unfortunately some mailers lose
Mail-Followup-To information, but in general, this is better than

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