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Re: Ethernet is not started at boot

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Hello Tomas,

Am 2018-02-06 hackte tomas@xxxxxxxxxx in die Tasten:
>> I have installed on my ThinkPad T400 recently Stretch (base, xorg,  wdm,
>> fvwm, gthumb, blueman, alsa...) only to discover, that 17 Packages  have
>> missing Dependencies!
> the missing dependencies?

I do not know currently, except that blueman depends on  glib-x11  which
is confirmed by the maintainer.  It seems gthumb has the same dependency
because sinde blueman is working gthumb too.

The dependendies are only satisfait if you install a full DE like Gnome,
KDE or  other defaults by Debian.

If you install the bare minimum like

Debian base

you have a non-working system!

>> 11 Packages are now working and I try to figure out, WHICH  depends  are
>> missing to write the appropriated Bug Reports.
> what does exactly mean "not working"? Due to dependencies which should
> be there but aren't? Due to dependencies which are there, but the needed
> packages can't be downloaded?

yes, if you know, WHICH package you need, it can be installed manually
which is already confirmed by 3 Package  maintainers.   They  assumed,
that Debian User install always  a  complete  system,  but  where  not
thinking on users which do not need a full DE.

Hence, some packages missing dependencies.

I will install a second stretch in a VM and install only  the  minimum
and then Package by Package to  figure  out,  which  dependencies  are

It is a huge work, especially when I currently work in my 5,6ha forest
on my BioFarm in Estonia (-10°C and 30cm snow).

> Is this your problem? Would you like to install (mostly) from a set of
> ISOs on an USB stick or similar?

My T400 was under Windows 7 and had a "hardware" error which refuse to
burn ANY DVDs. So I installed the ISO bootable on the  USB  Stick  and
added the second ISO to it.

But it does not work.

Since my Interanet Server is also not running, I can not even install
a local mirror.

> Is this your problem? You can set a fixed IP address at install time,
> or...

This was exactly what was not working!
The Installer could not continue.

>> Now  I  have  tried  to  change  this  to  a   fixed   IP   address   in
>> /etc/network/interfaces, but it showed no reaction, still  started  DHCP
>> even if it is not configured.
> ...is this your problem? What did you do to your /etc/network/interfaces?
> What is your init system?

auto enp0s25
iface enp0s25 inet static


> What do you do exactly? "ifup -a"? Or "ifup eth0"? What's the name of your
> ethernet interface? The old-fashioned "ethX" or the new-fangled "en0pXXX"?

the old fashion does not work anymore.
I get an error "Device unknown"

    ifup enp0s25

> How should we know? Is the broken display important?

Yes, because Debian Stretch does not more boot and I can not see the
Lilo command prompt

> Quoting a very famous (and in a way fundamental) book: don't panic 8-)


> Thanks for your patience, cheers
> - -- tomás

Thanks in advance

Michelle Konzack        Miila ITSystems @ TDnet
GNU/Linux Developer     00372-54541400