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Re: Ethernet is not started at boot

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On Tue, Feb 06, 2018 at 10:50:48AM +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hello *,

Calm down. Try to structure your request. You see, you've got to help
us help you :-)

Now what's your problem:

> I have installed on my ThinkPad T400 recently Stretch (base, xorg,  wdm,
> fvwm, gthumb, blueman, alsa...) only to discover, that 17 Packages  have
> missing Dependencies!

the missing dependencies?

> 11 Packages are now working and I try to figure out, WHICH  depends  are
> missing to write the appropriated Bug Reports.

what does exactly mean "not working"? Due to dependencies which should
be there but aren't? Due to dependencies which are there, but the needed
packages can't be downloaded?

> However, I instaleld Stretch from an 8 GByte USB Stick and it  was  more
> or less working, except that afterwards the  download  of  8 GByte  ISOs
> and copying to the USB stick was worthless, because apt  can  not  mount
> the USB Stick and install from there (after reboot)...
> Note: Where I live (Estonia), we do not DSL and I am on GSM/LTE
>       and the download has cost me 1/3 of my nmonthly contingent.
>       Direct installing from the internet is no real option,
>       because I have to install a WHOLE Network and it mean, I
>       have to download 17 times 2,5 Gbyte

Is this your problem? Would you like to install (mostly) from a set of
ISOs on an USB stick or similar?

> However, the Stretch installer had not accept at install time  my  fixed
> IP addresds because it could not connect to   the  internet  and  I  was
> forced to use DHCP which in  turn  is  not  allowed  to  connect  to  my
> Intranet Server for security reason (SE_Linux)

Is this your problem? You can set a fixed IP address at install time, or...

> Now  I  have  tried  to  change  this  to  a   fixed   IP   address   in
> /etc/network/interfaces, but it showed no reaction, still  started  DHCP
> even if it is not configured.

...is this your problem? What did you do to your /etc/network/interfaces?
What is your init system?

> Note: I have network-manager is NOT installed!
> /etc/default/networking is set to configure network at boottime.
> But whenever I boot my computer, I have to login as root and run "ifup".

What do you do exactly? "ifup -a"? Or "ifup eth0"? What's the name of your
ethernet interface? The old-fashioned "ethX" or the new-fangled "en0pXXX"?

> Can someone tell me, WTF is going on here?

No, unless you show us your /etc/network/interfaces. And we might have more
questions, then :-)

> Note:  I upgraded my broken (Display) Compaq CQ58 also to Stretch
>        and I have no networking anymore.  Why is this?

How should we know? Is the broken display important?

> Any hints welcome
> I am now realy angry!

Quoting a very famous (and in a way fundamental) book: don't panic 8-)

Thanks for your patience, cheers
- -- tomás
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