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Re: Ethernet is not started at boot

On 2/6/2018 9:50 AM, Michelle Konzack wrote:
Hello *,

I have installed on my ThinkPad T400 recently Stretch (base, xorg,  wdm,
fvwm, gthumb, blueman, alsa...) only to discover, that 17 Packages  have
missing Dependencies!

11 Packages are now working and I try to figure out, WHICH  depends  are
missing to write the appropriated Bug Reports.

However, I instaleld Stretch from an 8 GByte USB Stick and it  was  more
or less working, except that afterwards the  download  of  8 GByte  ISOs
and copying to the USB stick was worthless, because apt  can  not  mount
the USB Stick and install from there (after reboot)...

Note: Where I live (Estonia), we do not DSL and I am on GSM/LTE
       and the download has cost me 1/3 of my nmonthly contingent.
       Direct installing from the internet is no real option,
       because I have to install a WHOLE Network and it mean, I
       have to download 17 times 2,5 Gbyte

However, the Stretch installer had not accept at install time  my  fixed
IP addresds because it could not connect to   the  internet  and  I  was
forced to use DHCP which in  turn  is  not  allowed  to  connect  to  my
Intranet Server for security reason (SE_Linux)

Now  I  have  tried  to  change  this  to  a   fixed   IP   address   in
/etc/network/interfaces, but it showed no reaction, still  started  DHCP
even if it is not configured.

Note: I have network-manager is NOT installed!

/etc/default/networking is set to configure network at boottime.

But whenever I boot my computer, I have to login as root and run "ifup".

Can someone tell me, WTF is going on here?

Note:  I upgraded my broken (Display) Compaq CQ58 also to Stretch
        and I have no networking anymore.  Why is this?

Any hints welcome

I am now realy angry!

- Are you using '/etc/network/interfaces' or /etc/systemd/network/INT-NAME.network?

- What is the content of your interface file?

John Doe