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Re: policy around 'wontfix' bug tag

On 2018-02-06, The Wanderer <wanderer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Which brings us back to - how does one know someone is subscribed to
>> a Debian mailing list?
> I still fail to see why that's something we would need to know.
> Whether or not the person who posted a given message is subscribed does
> not change the correct replying behavior. In both cases, unless the
> poster has in some way requested otherwise, replies should go to the
> mailing list.

This is one of the impressive panoply of things I've never understood.
As the list is echoed in a number of places on the innertubes, an OP who
can't be bothered subscribing for a one-off question can look for its
answer (if indeed there is one) there, without requiring any "Cc me,

Also, this is a collaborative effort; there's an irksome quality to some
people who arrive out of the blue with the attitude ('I just want the
answer to my personal, private question and I'm out of here').

Of course, between that and the relentless prolixity of quasi-trolls in
protracted threads that refuse to die while veering off somewhere
into outer space, I'll pick the former any time.

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