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Re: [Was: Re: policy around 'wontfix' bug tag

On 06/02/18 15:45, Michael Stone wrote:
>> ... and how do you deal with locales that have changed definition over
>> time? What was the country code for (eg) Prussia in 1752? It just gets
>> painful ...
> Yes, this is more a novelty than anything. Even apart from changing
> national borders, things were seldom as uniform within a country 200+
> years ago as a single cutover date would imply, and the very concept of
> "country" is anachronistic for the cutover dates in the 16th century.
> But at least ncal tries. :) To bring things full circle to the date(1)
> discussion, note that ncal was introduced so cal could remain
> bug-compatible.

Well, as the OP, to bring it properly full circle, I should be clear
that I'm mostly happy with the reasons for not fixing these 'bugs'. I
would just like to have seen the reason with the wontfix :-)


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