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Re: policy around 'wontfix' bug tag

On Mon 05 Feb 2018 at 19:37:45 (+0000), Brian wrote:
> On Mon 05 Feb 2018 at 13:12:45 -0600, David Wright wrote:
> > On Mon 05 Feb 2018 at 18:01:08 (+0000), Brian wrote:
> > > 
> > > Now you have problems (or could have). The first problem is that the
> > > "duplicates" are not duplicates because the headers are different. The
> > > second problem is - which one do you wish to keep? The third problem
> > > (related to the second one) is the order in which the messages arrive.
> > > Is it the mailing list reply first or the Cc:?
> > 
> > Granted, you lose all the information in the header about how the
> > reply journeyed from Fred to bendel.debian.org and on to yourself
> > when the list copy arrives after the direct one but, unless you're
> > taking a special interest in how long messages are taking, what
> > exactly have you lost?
> The original mail has been lost. As far as I am concerned. the
> original which was sent to me is the only thing of importance to
> me. If that isn't important to you and you are satisfied with a
> simulacrum, that's ok by me.
> (The "unless you're taking a special interest in how long messages
> are taking" is an indication of how important a user's mail is seen
> to be. If the US Postal Service processed one's mail in such a 
> subjective manner there might be a complaint or two).

Again, I'm left to think of an analogy in Real Life.

When some companies and institutions send an important letter, they
will often send one by normal post and one by Recorded Delivery.
The first gets delivered as normal and can be picked up on return
from work, whereas the other may be delayed (eg, P739 card in the UK).

When both eventually get delivered, they can be seen to be identical,
though the markings on the envelopes will differ. One is not a
simulacrum of the other; it's a clone, a duplicate.

My point about transit times was only to acknowledge that there are
occasional discussions on mailing lists about the time it takes posts
to play pinball round the various bits of bendel (for this particular
list), which depend on having the list version of the header. So an
email which was Cc'd to you as well as posted on the list could lose
you the grand total of one data point. No big deal. Nothing to do with
all the rest of your email, nor with USPS/snail mail.