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Re: Causes, cures and prevention of orphaned inodes?

On 06/02/18 04:52, Stephen P. Molnar wrote:
I installed memtest86+ and ran it with all of the defaults.  It took
over an hour, but no errors were reported.

Please try parallel memtester and stress. These found memory errors for me that were not found by memtest86+.

In *eight* terminal windows as root run (noting that you have 8GB RAM):

memtester 768M

In one terminal window run (nothing that the FX-8320 has only 4 FPUs and stress -c spins on sqrt):

stress -c 4

You can also tell memtester to use multiple iterations:

memtester 768M 10

I am rather hesitant about updating the BIOS/UFEI.  In fact I can't
seem to find an upgrade for the FX-8320 on the AMD web site.

The BIOS/UEFI upgrade is an upgrade for your motherboard and can be obtained from your motherboard vendor. For the Asus M5A97 R2.0:

You are currently running "Version 2006 2013/10/16".
Please try upgrading to "Version 2603 2015/07/24".

Note the multiple entries entitled "Improve system stability".

Also, I'm rather hesitant about installing the amd64-package.

wat? Why? Modern CPUs are released full of microcode bugs. AMD release new microcode that they wrote to fix these bugs in their microcode and that they recommend. Why would you not use it?

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