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Re: Causes, cures and prevention of orphaned inodes?

Stephen P. Molnar:
> I installed memtest86+ and ran it with all of the defaults.  It took
> over an hour, but no errors were reported.

That's not long enough. From what I have read you should let it run for
a day or so and even then you cannot be sure that there are no memory

> I am rather hesitant about updating the BIOS/UFEI.  In fact I can't
> seem to find an upgrade for the FX-8320 on the AMD web site.

You need a UEFI update for your mainboard, not the CPU.

> Also, I'm rather hesitant about installing the amd64-package.

Do it (installing the amd64-microcode package). Henrique knows about
this stuff better than most people. Also, there is comparatively little
risk involved since the microcode is loaded during boot. You can always
boot from another medium and remove the package if it doesn't work.

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