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Re: policy around 'wontfix' bug tag

On 2018-02-05, Roberto C  Sánchez <roberto@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> It is not rare that the behavior of utilities change and break
>> scripts. So, why not here, in particular for a good reason?
> It is equally common, perhaps even more so, that buggy behavior is
> retained (especially if it is not harmful) and that "correct" behavior
> require a switch or setting.  I am not personally affected by this, as
> far as I know, but as a software developer I can certainly understand
> wanting to retain backward compatibility, even when it is buggy.

That's certainly why all bona fide linux hackers in the know commiserate
so readily with Windows' bug compatibility "features".


Or maybe I should have said, *afin de mettre tout le monde d'accord*,
that the principle of bug compatibility taken to facetious extremes gets
you the entomological leviathan that is Windows.

> Regards,
> -Roberto

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