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Re: Causes, cures and prevention of orphaned inodes?

On 2018-02-04 at 20:06, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:

> On Sun, 04 Feb 2018, Stephen P. Molnar wrote:
>> I am running Debian Stretch on am eight thread AMD GPU platform.
>> Lately, it seems if I have been plagued by surfeit of orphaned nodes.
> That means:
> 1. "unlinked" files or directories were still open when the filesystem
>    had to be shutdown/made read-only.  Uncommon, unless you did something
>    like breaking the system by having /run on something other than
>    tmpfs, etc.

I see a handful of this type of notification not uncommonly on boot-up,
and I suspect it's from this cause, for the simple reason that most of
my shutdowns are unclean; specifically, most of my shutdowns are due to
power loss. I don't tend to shut the machine down on purpose very often.

I don't find it surprising that orphaned inodes happen when the
filesystem didn't get a chance to clean up in the normal course of

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