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Re: Causes, cures and prevention of orphaned inodes?

On 05/02/18 09:49, Stephen P. Molnar wrote:
They seem to happen when I am
running  four or more apps at the same time.

I would never expect to see orphaned inodes except after a system crash or kernel memory corruption. How did you test your CPU and RAM? Do you see any other symptoms such as segfaults that could suggest memory problems under concurrent load? How long have you seen this problem? I see you are using ext4; are the inodes on these filesystems? ext4 is very well tested and robust.

My preferred memory test for my 4-core (8-thread) Kaby Lake i7 is to run concurrent "memtester" instances equal to the number of cores (4 in my case), concurrent with "stress" equal to the number of cores ("stress -c 4" in my case). This workout detected memory problems not found by other tools such as "memtest86+" or "mprime -t".

Other hardware issues to consider are overheating (addressed with better cooling and thermald) and power supply problems which may only be evident at load. Is your system prime stable (i.e. runs with "mprime -t" (with AVX disabled) for many hours)? How do you monitor system temperature?

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