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Re: policy around 'wontfix' bug tag


Richard Hector wrote:
> Incidentally, the gnu 'Date input formats' link above does talk about
> only accepting English names for days and months, but doesn't say
> anything about the ordering of day and month (except, under 'General
> date syntax', saying that 'Order of the items is immaterial' ...)

The preamble quote tells a lot about the disillusion of the writer
of "Date input formats".

The disease is much less obvious in german language, though. There you
need to go down to quarter hours and regional habits to get truely ambigous.
In english i sometimes have to riddle whether a date is Day/Month/Year or
Month/Day/Year. Whatever the rules are, writers seem confused about them.
Possibly because so many of us aliens are around.

And what should human or machine think of my mail client's idea about
when you sent your mail ?

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Have a nice day :)