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Re: policy around 'wontfix' bug tag

Richard Hector (2018-02-05):
> Now that you mention it ... ls was where I started this adventure,
> reading coreutils bugs :-)
> And you mention SI prefixes - IMHO, the output of ls should be extended
> to actually show 'GiB' rather than 'G' where that is what is meant.
> Assumptions that the user 'knows what it means' are horrible things -
> even when documented in the man page.

I do not agree. Screen real estate is expansive, I would not want to see
the space of two characters be wasted for the benefit of people who
cannot be bothered to read a documentation.

> PS - please don't cc me; I'm on the list.

Done this once, but I cannot promise I will think of it later. Document
your preference in your mail mail header, the standard way, so that it
is automatic and works for everybody, just like I did. Too bad the list
software is not properly configured to do that automatically.


  Nicolas George

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