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(Not exactly on target) Abandoning the Firefox password manager

For those locked into the Firefox password manager (with--and maybe even
without--master password) who wish to escape (maybe I'm the only one),
there is a liberating python script here:


(Maybe I'm the only one again, but I'll be damned if I knew how to
download the file; after much fumbling I at last clicked on
firefox_decrypt.py, then the button 'Raw' on the upper right. Who knew?
I didn't.)

Usage example for an easy importation into keepass2 (encrypted password 
database manager available in the repositories). The python app asks for
your master password. There is a chromium and Firefox plugin BTW for

 python firefox_decrypt.py -f csv -d \, -q \" > mypass.csv

csv format, comma as field delimiter, double-quote quote char, and it
all ends up in mypass.csv.

In keepass2, you would use the Generic CSV Importer to import the file.
Eliminate the extraneous default fields (title and notes) and define the
field (,) and record (new line) seperators, and you're good to go.

Script tested on Stretch with Firefox-esr (52.6?). The plugin (CKP -
KeePass integration for Chrome™) is being used with the current Chromium
in Stretch (because FF grew so very slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
I switched).

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