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Re: systemd 237-1: problem starting dnsmasq

On Sat, Feb 03, 2018 at 10:01:01AM +0100, deloptes wrote:
Michael Stone wrote:

I've had far fewer issues with systemd than I did before systemd. Now
that our anecdotes have canceled each other out, could you please
refrain from irrelevant systemd complaining in the future?

this is a bit arrogant as I did not complain, but asked a question on a post
complaining about systemd in server context

someone asked a question about a simple bug, that doesn't mean that they want to defend their choice of init system. (in fact, the entire concept of "defend their choice of init system" is insane.) if you have a genuine curiosity about why systemd works better than sysvinit on servers you could do some research (maybe start by googling?) and then if you still have questions, start a new topic. the problem is that very few people at this point have genuine curiosity and it doesn't take long for the trolls to come running in. since there's very little to say on the topic that hasn't already been said, you'll find that most people would rather avoid yet another pointless flamewar.

Mike Stone