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Re: Got tired of waiting for suspend/resume (something like that)

David Wright (2018-02-01):
> Vaguely


> Later the page goes on to describe suspend/resume but not with
> a random key. Some people might see that as a challenge, others
> as an opportunity. I make no judgment of such people.

The whole point of using an ephemeral key is to make the contents of the
swap useless after the system has terminated. For forensic, but of
course also for resume. If something was designed do be impossible and
people find a "challenge" or an "opportunity" to try to do anyway, thus
weakening or voiding its benefits, they are just idiots.

I can make that judgement, because I understand what I am talking about.

> Not everyone is using them.

What can I say? If a good solution exists and people insist on using a
bad one, I can only watch and smile.

> Of course, you know that the only fix is the one you suggested in the BTS.
> Best not to think about any other options.

I do not pretend that the solution is the only one, it is not. But I can
make the difference between a good solution and a bad one.

Please forgive me, but I do not like to argue further with you on this.


  Nicolas George

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