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Re: Got tired of waiting for suspend/resume (something like that)

David Wright (2018-02-01):
> As far as finding the swap partition with fstab, ISTR a workaround.
> Without the details, you make the swap partition with a tiny
> filesystem in it, which gives it a stable UUID and LABEL. You then
> specify an offset in every reference to its use, which skips over
> the filesystem at its start.

What are you trying to achieve with this baroque contraption?

If a swap is encrypted normally, then just use its UUID.

If a swap is encrypted with an ephemeral key, that means its contents is
not wanted after a reboot, so there is no need to preserve the key,
obviously. As to how to specify it in fstab, you need to use the name
declared in crypttab.

Using filesystem labels and UUID is IMHO a very bad design, because they
reside inside the filesystem itself. Better use LVM, partition names or
partition UUIDs.


  Nicolas George

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