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Re: Dabian: AMB64: newest stable ver: Torrent: URL needed with one large .iso file


BM-2cU2yWYBXRkEkCTkmS6d5htLPkU7wcTZT1 wrote:
> I am in need of one large .iso image for Dabian AMD64 (stable latest ver)
> to download via torrent and mount on a 16 GB USB flash drive

There are the three 4.5 GB DVD images which you already found,
or the fourteen 4.5 GB DVD images via Jigdo at
or three 25 GB BD images at

The first BD image on a 32 GB USB stick would be the nearest match
to your plan that is already prepared.
Jigdo download is described in
If none of this appeals to you, there is
  "Downloading Debian Jigdo ISOs by a Debian Live system"

Well, if only a 16 GB USB stick is available or if BitTorrent is mandatory,
then you could put the DVD 1 image on the stick as described in
and then use partition editor fdisk to add a partition for an ext2
filesystem which stores the images of DVD 2 and DVD 3.
fdisk will possibly complain about GPT debris and nested partitions.
It should nevertheless do what is needed.

Some merciful people here can most probably explain to you how to
make those images usable as package repositories after a sparse system
has been installed from the booted DVD 1 image on USB stick.

(https://wiki.debian.org/SourcesList makes me think that you need to
 mount the ext2 partition, then mount the two images, and put their
 mount points as "deb file://..." into /etc/apt/sources.list)

Have a nice day :)