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Re: Playing or Ripping UDF CDs Under jessie


i wrote:
> > The "problem CD" is pure audio.

Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> I thought you'd identified that track 17 (at least) was marked as a data
> track, but I might not have been following the discussion closely
> enough.

To my memory this was shown as example of a "no problem" CD.

  "Here is the output from a normal music CD."

Martin's assessment of "problem" and "normal" was based on the mountability
which depends on readability by generic SCSI data command READ(10).
Actually the problem CD is the more normal audio CD.
It does not mount with any of its tracks, and this is what one has
to expect with a pure audio CD which can be read only by the SCSI
commands READ CD or READ CD MSF.

Still unclear is what cdparanoia extracts as Track 0 from several
of Martin's CDs.

Have a nice day :)