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Re: Ethernet connection dropped

On Tue 30 Jan 2018 at 14:08:10 -0500, Thomas George wrote:

> Starting last week the PC Ethernet connection is sometimes not made at
> bootup or is occasionally lost. When this happens the only way I have found
> to re-establish the connection is to turn the router off and on again.

Problems which occur "sometimes" or "occasionally" can be amongst the
most intractable to diagnose. Add in a possible flaky router or internet
connection and there are hours of endless fun ahead!

> The system is Debian Stretch. I run apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade
> occasionally and this problem may have started after such an upgrade.

Unlikely. (But you have logs to tell you whether anything related to
networking was updated).
> I use to be very familiar with setting /etc/network/interfaces for eth0 as
> either a static or dhcp connection and using ifconfig, ifdown eth0 and ifup
> eth0 but overtime this became unnecessary as the system automatically made
> the ethernet connection. Now with Stretch and the dist-upgrades all this has
> changed. Ifconfig now shows the connection as epn3s0 and Wicd Network
> Manager has been installed.

ifupdown also makes ethernet connections automatically. It all depends
on what your needs are whether it is a network management program you
wish to use.

> When the Ethernet connection is lost Wicd cannot restore it. The Ethernet
> cable connection light on so the wired connection is not lost.  Still the
> only way I have found to restore the system connection to turn off and
> restart the router.
> Clearly I am very out of date with system changes and need to catch up. Any
> suggestions as to where to start?

I would purge wicd and any other network management programs from the
system, apart from ifupdown and isc-dhcp-client. Comment out all lines
in /etc/network/interfaces and have just

allow-hotplug epn3s0
iface epn3s0 inet dhcp

Reboot and monitor.