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Re: squirrelmail or other webmail?

January 30, 2018 11:27 PM, "Joe Pfeiffer" <pfeiffer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I noticed today that squirrelmail is only in Debian oldstable and
> oldoldstable. So, I'm curious as to its status -- is it now deprecated
> (as one would suspect from it not being kept up in more recent Debian
> versions)? Is there some other webmail interface that's being used now?
> Note that due to some firewall issues over at the client organization I
> can't just use an ldap/smtp server and have users use thunderbird or
> something; it has to be a webmail interface.

Do take a look at 
- Sogo https://sogo.nu/
- Roundcube https://roundcube.net/
- Rainloop https://www.rainloop.net/

In terms of looks and features Sogo seems a better choice the client will love it. 
While rainloop is not a bad option either. It just works, with a modern enough full featured interface