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Ethernet connection dropped

Starting last week the PC Ethernet connection is sometimes not made at bootup or is occasionally lost. When this happens the only way I have found to re-establish the connection is to turn the router off and on again.

The system is Debian Stretch. I run apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade occasionally and this problem may have started after such an upgrade.

I use to be very familiar with setting /etc/network/interfaces for eth0 as either a static or dhcp connection and using ifconfig, ifdown eth0 and ifup eth0 but overtime this became unnecessary as the system automatically made the ethernet connection. Now with Stretch and the dist-upgrades all this has changed. Ifconfig now shows the connection as epn3s0 and Wicd Network Manager has been installed.

When the Ethernet connection is lost Wicd cannot restore it. The Ethernet cable connection light on so the wired connection is not lost.  Still the only way I have found to restore the system connection to turn off and restart the router.

Clearly I am very out of date with system changes and need to catch up. Any suggestions as to where to start?