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Re: Playing or Ripping UDF CDs Under jessie

"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup@xxxxxxx> writes:
> This is a READ(10) attempt, which a system with a clue should not try
> on tracks with CONTROL value 0.
> I get a more standards compliant Sense Code from my ASUS BW-16D1HT burner
> than Martin McCormick got from his SONY CRX140E, which seems to be quite
> aged (CD only, IDE, reviews from year 2000, ...).

Yup.  I am trying to remember if I bought that drive or if it was
part of the Dell Dimension chassis it is still running on.  I was
using it because it didn't seem to know enough to get as confused
as the newer drive which is a PLEXTOR CD-R   PX-W1210A, a
CDRW-capable device that hasn't caused any trouble yet in it's
rather long life.

	I was able to play the entire book, however thanks to
this discussion.  There were 6 CD's in the book and the first 4
all had that spoiler file in track 0 and audio files the rest of
the way to LOUT.  For some reason, the last two disks had no
tracks labelled Audio and all 15 or 20 tracks were labelled as

	I started at Track 1, skipping the short Control track
and ripped all the other "Control" tracks which had lengths that
could be audio.

	cdparanoia ripped them  all as trackxx.wav and they
worked perfectly that way.  The track00 short file probably had
data in it to "tell" a player to handle the rest as audio.

	I did try wodim and cdrskin to read the toc using the
newer drive and that also worked fine so I think either one would have
worked properly as long as one didn't read track0.

	I am not totally sure what the manufacturers hoped to
achieve since it didn't take any real skill to crack once one
knows how.

	It was a good book with a free crash course in CD obfuscation.

Thanks for the knowledge assistance.

Martin McCormick