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Installing Debian on Chuwi Hi12 Tablet

I'm contemplating installing Debian on my beloved Chuwi Hi12 tablet.
The machine is cheap (circa $300) and while there are certain bits of
the hardware that do not (yet) work under Linux there is nothing that
troubles me, and the graphics are superb - 2160x1440 on a 12" screen.

At present it is dual-booting Xubuntu and Windows (Android was removed).
I installed Xubuntu because I could not at the time successfully burn a
Debian live image to USB, so could not test it out before installing.

Now I have a new live Debian USB and have tested it on the Chuwi.
Everything works as expected. No wifi (rtl8723bs chip) but that was

I'm ready to install debian-live-9.3.0-amd64-xfce from the live USB and
would like to install it to the whole of the Chuwi solid state 64gb
drive, binning Windows and Xubuntu in the process.

But I'm nervous about the possibility of turning the tablet into a

It has a 32 bit UEFI system and while I've tried to research the UEFI
complications find it difficult to grasp the full picture on UEFI
(particularly 32 bit with a 64 bit Debian).

As best I can make out I should have no problems as the Debian
installer will detect and handle the 32 bit UEFI. However I've been
unable to find full instructions for using the whole of the storage for
Debian, only guides for dual installs alongside Windows.

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions that might be useful to me
in the installation? In particular do I need to preserve any existing
Windows or EFI partition even though Windows will no longer be on the

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.