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Re: bluetooth keyboard prevents suspend

On 28/01/18 14:28, tv.debian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello, I am not very familiar with Bluetooth which I tend to disable entirely on my computers, but in case of such problems with buggy hardware I use the TLP package. The configuration allows to precisely choose what hardware (pointing devices, gpu...) or service (wifi, bluetooth...) to enable/disable during sleep and wake-ups. Maybe it can handle your keyboard too.

Thanks, it's help!

TLP allows indeed to disable specificly one USB device:

# Set to 0 to disable, 1 to enable USB autosuspend feature.

# Exclude listed devices from USB autosuspend (separate with spaces).
# Use lsusb to get the ids.
# Note: input devices (usbhid) are excluded automatically

I disabled my usb connected bluetooth dongle (so my usb keyboard
doesn't wake up my system).

Thanks again!