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Re: Playing or Ripping UDF CDs Under jessie


so the problem CD is just a pure audio CD with no filesystem to mount.
Entertainment CD pliayers should have no problem with it. Operating systems
and system demons should be able to recognize its state, and thus avoid
the futile mount attempts.

Martin McCormick wrote:
> cdparanoia [...] plays but you lose the individual track boundaries as
> you see in the listing above.

I guess you'd need to read the tracks one by one, like
  cdparanoia -d $drivespec "1-1" track_1.wav
  cdparanoia -d $drivespec "2-2" track_2.wav
and so on up to number 20.

cdrskin has an option "extract_audio_to=" which gets the path of a directory
after the "=". It will copy all tracks as separate files trackNN.wav into
the given directory, which already must exist:

  cdrskin -v dev=/dev/sr1 extract_audio_to="$HOME"/my_cd 

Maybe entertainment CD players show text on their display.
If so, you can extract this info in human readable form by adding cdrskin
to the extraction run (or run cdrskin separately with that option).

"v07t" refers to "Sony Input Sheet Version 0.7T" which is the format
for submitting CD-TEXT to a CD pressing factory.

> I thought it was udf because one of the two systems I
> tried it on spewed out a reference to udffs

They saw a CD and tried UDF. Cluelessly and in vain.

>         This is fun isn't it?

I like ISO 9660 better than CD-DA. But it is always a good feeling when
the riddles get less and the insight grows.

Have a nice day :)