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Re: bluetooth keyboard prevents suspend

On 28/01/2018 13:32, Pétùr wrote:
I have set my BIOS configuration to allow usb devices to wake up the
computer. I used my mouse or my usb keyboard to wake up the system.

But I just replaced my usb keyboard with a bluetooth one. My bluetooth
adapter is a dongle connected to a usb port.

Everytime I suspend (no matter which method), the computer wake up
immediately (because it detects some connecting activity from the
bluetooth keyboard).

I have to disconnect the bluetooth keyboard with the hardware button
before suspending. Then I can suspend and wakeup with the mouse.

Is there a way to suspend without turning off the buetooth keyboard first?


Hello, I am not very familiar with Bluetooth which I tend to disable entirely on my computers, but in case of such problems with buggy hardware I use the TLP package. The configuration allows to precisely choose what hardware (pointing devices, gpu...) or service (wifi, bluetooth...) to enable/disable during sleep and wake-ups. Maybe it can handle your keyboard too.

Hope it helps.