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preferences > openbox configuration manager no start

OS = Debian Testing 
(running as guest in a Vbox vm on an openindiana (solaris-11
offshoot [illumos powered]))

I've reported a problem about the desktop icons unable to display their
*.png images in another thread... the problem described below is
probably part of the same root cause

What I'm seeing is at the lxde main menu > preferences >
openbox configuration manager

When clicked nothing happens I just see the mouse cursor show the
`busy' icon.  Nothing ever starts

After doing a few dpkg -L pkgname looking for something that might be
the binary of that manager... I'm not able to find it.

Even chking on a `stable' version (stretch) I can't really tell what
runs when you click the openbox config manager.

I guess it is reading '.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml'

Anyway, I'm not able to tell what is supposed to happen when that menu
item is clicked.

I can see whatever it is ... is not starting ... the `busy' mouse icon
eventually stops and I get the regular mouse cursor back... takes
about 10-15 seconds but configurator never appears.

One thing that may be of note is that the .config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml

Is getting read at login... If I make changes in that file they do
show up if I relogin.

But for some reason the configurator that edits that file is not