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Re: getting the right and complete firmware

On Sat, 27 Jan 2018, Anil Duggirala wrote:

> upon installing Debian stretch I got a notice about missing firmware (Atheros).
> I managed to find a package that, apperently, contained some of the 
> missing firmware, since the list of missing firmware was diminished. I 
> am still missing some firmware, I will find it eventually, but my 
> question is: Can I be sure I have the correct and required firmware if I 
> am not getting any errors from dmesg ? or upon boot?
> Is there any tool that will help me address these issues?
> thanks,

Hi Anil,  I think that is a good question.  Some people advise to install 
the entire wad of firmware-linux-nonfree which pulls in quite a bit of 
stuff nowadays.  I don't even know what all it does install.  

For myself, I don't install any firmware unless I get some error in dmesg 
about something missing.  It's pretty easy to find what you need, just 
search for it at the packages.debian.org page, it's a pretty advanced 

The best tool is probably just do what you are doing, check dmesg and then 
ask here if something doesn't look right.

Good luck!