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testing running lxde cannot diplay desktop icon images

Testing running as guest in vbox vm on a Solaris (openindiana) host.

This OS has been in operation since before the release of stretch
... It sees little use and has exibited very few problems.

I run the lxde desktop.

The problem I am seeing is that the desktop starts but only diplays a
small white box with a red X in it, where-ever there should be an item
in the bottom panel.  Like the main menu item or the iceweasel item.
those and several other `normal' lxde items that reside in the bottom
panel all show a small white box with red x.  Something one sees when
an icons image file is missing or not viewable for some reason.

A right click on the Main Menu icon shows where the image file should


So to dispaly the permissions we'll show just directory and then the

ls -ld /usr/share/lxde/images

I've attached a small screen shot showing what I'm describing.
I cut it down to just the bottom of the screen, but in full width.

Attachment: DebNoIconsScreenshot-190125.png
Description: screen-shot of debian testing running lxde