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KDE - how get back resolution automatically?

Dear list,


I am looking for a solution with the following little problem.


When I am starting a DOS game or a windows game in wine in the KDE windowmanager, and have to decrease the resolution of this game (i.e. from 1024x768 to 800x600), then the resolution of KDE stays at 800x600 and does not automatically revert to 1024x768.


Doing the same in XFCE or LXDE, then the resolution automatically is reverting back as set.


Besides of this annoyance, the position of my desktop widgets has to be corrected, too, as they are pushed aside (because the desktop is too small with 800x600).


I believe, this is a KDE specific problem, and maybe something has to be set correctly. Or is this a bug? Did someone notice the same behaviour, too?


This behaviour appears also on a modern notebook with nvidia driver, not only on my little netbook.


Would be happy, if someone knows more about it. It is not very important, but maybe this is just a settings issue and can be easily fixed by myself.


Best regards