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Re: Thunderbird font broken

Markus Grunwald composed on 2018-01-12 20:24 (UTC+0100):

> Thunderbird seems to handle fontsizes different than all the other
> programs I'm using. I had to install the extension "Theme Font & Size
> Changer for Thunderbird" (62.0) to fix that broken behaviour, then all
> was fine.

> Until yesterday. I started Thunderbird and the UI-Fonts were   H U G E
> again :( The Icon for the Theme Font & Size Changer is gone. I tried to
> reinstall the  extension, no success. I restored ~/.mozilla and
> ~/.icedove (where .thunderbird links to) from backup, still no success.

> Can you help me to get a non-screaming thunderbird again?

Maybe. This came up here less than a week ago, likely same problem. It's a
common Mozilla/GTK/DE-WM-Xorg problem, not a problem specific to Debian.
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