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Re: Debian 9.3 GUI installation failure

On Sun, 31 Dec 2017, w f wrote:

> I tried installing Debian 9.3 today. I used the netinst CD amd64 version.
> All was going well until about 4/5ths of the way through ...
> I suddenly got an error message about "ispell" and that something 
> "british" couldn't be installed.
> (I chose "US" throughout the whole process; I'm not sure why it's 
> installing something "british.")
> I'm sorry I don't have more details. There's no way for me to capture 
> the screen or the text.
> After the notice, it gave me the option to return to "install packages 
> ..." to fix the problem.
> However, when I click "Continue" and go back to "Select and Install 
> Software," all it does is repeat the notice that "An installation step 
> failed ..."
> I cannot continue the install process. The next step is bootloader 
> installation.
> The system is not bootable; I have to restart from scratch.
> Is this a bug? DId I do something wrong? What can I do to avoid this 
> problem before investing another 2 hours?
> - Liam

It could be a bug, or you could have done something wrong.  It's hard to 
say for sure, but I would lean towards user error.

The best thing you can do to avoid the problem is invest a couple more 
hours in re-reading the installation guide, release notes, paying real 
close attention to the parts about system requirements and this:


Sounds like either a network issue, or sources issue.  Was the network up 
when you started the step to install software?  Did the installer offer 
you a way to select and verify the source for downloading packages?

I guess it could be bad media, or media incorrectly written.  These are 
real common issues, with several easy ways to avoid, so it really is 
unnecessary to have those.  Common errors, that are easy to avoid come 
from rushing and skipping the documentation.

These things happen, you got a taste of how the house of cards is built, 
after you get the main structure in place it becomes much more stable.  
The reinforcement is provided through documentation.  Don't give up.

Good Luck!