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Re: installing ufraw on buster

On Sun 31 Dec 2017 at 14:57:56 +0000, Eric S Fraga wrote:

> On Sunday, 31 Dec 2017 at 11:02, john doe wrote:
> > Actually, your subject line was explicit enough! :)
> Indeed!  ;-)
> > It looks like in your case your package index files were some how corrupted.
> > That's why cleaning and updating did the trick! :)
> > As recommended by the below URL 'apt-get update' is required before
> > installing/upgrading package(s).
> > If you go command line I would suggest you to familiorise yourself
> > with the following commands:
> > apt-get {clean|autoclean|update|upgrade|dist-upgrade}
> I do use these and have for umpteen years; I only use the command line
> as I'm very much old skool, weaned as I was on Unix v7 ;-)!
> It's the first time I have encountered such a strange situation.  I must
> admit, however, that I never use clean/autoclean because I like having
> all the old files saved in the archive cache.  This has been a lifesaver
> at times in the past as tracking testing is sometimes (very
> infrequently) harmful...

Which is why the adice to delete only pkgcache.bin and srcpkgcache.bin
was given :). As a matter of interest, how do the sizes of those files
compare with what you had previously?

Note that, by default, apt deletes files in archives after downloading
and installing them.