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Re: installing ufraw on buster

On Sunday, 31 Dec 2017 at 11:02, john doe wrote:
> Actually, your subject line was explicit enough! :)

Indeed!  ;-)

> It looks like in your case your package index files were some how corrupted.
> That's why cleaning and updating did the trick! :)
> As recommended by the below URL 'apt-get update' is required before
> installing/upgrading package(s).
> If you go command line I would suggest you to familiorise yourself
> with the following commands:
> apt-get {clean|autoclean|update|upgrade|dist-upgrade}

I do use these and have for umpteen years; I only use the command line
as I'm very much old skool, weaned as I was on Unix v7 ;-)!

It's the first time I have encountered such a strange situation.  I must
admit, however, that I never use clean/autoclean because I like having
all the old files saved in the archive cache.  This has been a lifesaver
at times in the past as tracking testing is sometimes (very
infrequently) harmful...

Anyway, thanks for your help!  I've spent the past couple of days
playing with my raw images, a perfect activity given the gloomy rainy
weather we are having in the UK at the moment.

Happy new year!

Eric S Fraga via Emacs 27.0.50, org 9.1.5

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