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apt-cacher-ng / autoclean

Hi folks,

I am a little bit stuck. 

I am regularly building a livefile system (kali-linux) and using apt-cacher-
ng, so that I do not need to download all the packages over and over again.

But the local repo is growing more and more, and as I want to get rid of all 
old packages, I wanted to use "apt-get autoclean", as I am using it for a 
normally installed system with downloaded packages.

But obviously, this does not work. What do I do wrong?

I thought, running apt-cacher-ng would point to the local repo, and then "apt-
get autoclean" or "aptitude autoclean" would do tghe rest.

Obviously this is wrong. 

What must I do, if this is possible at all?

Thanks for any hints.

Best regards