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Keyboard lock-up with complications

Greetings all,

I have a curly one here and, not having seen anything similar on the
lists, thought I'd better post something immediately as it may be

I was typing something up on one of the social media platforms - which
tends me to think this way, as I don't toe the party line - and first I
experienced a close down of the platform then, after logging back in,
begin typing again, and then the machine logs out completely: as in
`shuts down cleanly'.

After restarting the PC - and I'm running SID, I try to log in and
notice extra letters being inserted into the username. I backspace and
also attempt to arrow back to remove them with delete, and am successful
with some, but not with others.

I thought I'd attempt to move around the login by booting with a
Supergrub disc in the drive, but then this appears to be interfered with
also. Said complications appear to be involved with not being able to
employ the arrow keys to select an item from the menu, so work around
that by hitting `e' and get the editor, then F10, which gives me a
recovery option.
This time, I can't type anything in.

I try a `Buster' Testing disc to access rescue mode there, manage to
achieve that destination after a few attempts, only to have a similar
problem in typing in network names after DHCP ID.

Obviously, I can't access logs.
I'm typing this from a laptop and don't have a spare keyboard I could
try, but I was wondering if there were any other ideas out there, as
from what I see there's also potential for something nasty to have been
planted. Even with a good firewall and apparmor, along with one or two
other utilities active.

Thanks for any time and trouble.

`The difference between friendship and love is how much you can hurt
each other’. 
― Ashleigh Brilliant

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